Aesop Vivo City store interior

Reimagining the understated domesticity of local interiors.

While it is a global capital celebrated for its spotlessness and efficiency, Singapore also embodies an older aesthetic and mood that may be glimpsed in hawker centres and through the incalculable windows of its apartment buildings. It was this spirit that Hong Kong-based Mlkk studio sought to imbue in Aesop VivoCity.

The unglazed geometric cement tiles that dress the floor and walls of the interior recall the understated domesticity of neighbourhood restaurants and mid-century apartment interiors. In another textural gesture to local custom, the vertical surfaces of the sink and product display shelving employ woven rattan, a material widely used for domestic furniture, tools and decoration in South-East Asia.

The blond rattan is complemented by the honeyed tones of the timber countertop, and the basin and tapware, hewn from bronze and brass. Generous in scale and elegant in form, the sink is a natural gathering-place for consultations.

‘Let us unite on the safe and sure ground of fact and experiment, and we can never err.’

Frances Wright