Aesop KLCC interior

Suffused with calm

Our store in Kuala Lumpur’s Suria KLCC was designed in partnership with Melbourne architects Russell & George, its design conceived as a calming counterpoint to the city’s urban energy.

The predominantly alabaster palette and soothing geometric detailing effect an immediate sense of quietude. Depth is added to pure white walls through a vertical installation of fine metal tubes, also powder-coated white, that stretch from floor to ceiling, their rippled forms casting bands of light and shadow.

A graphic pattern of stone floor tiles plays off the linear elements, and the counter also features vertical strips of stone, mediating the floors and walls. Ethereal light finds its counterpoint in the tarnished richness of a large, freestanding copper sink, placed skew-whiff in the centre. The diverse materiality works in concert, tonal and textural contrast superimposed with rotated angles.

‘Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life.’

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe