Aesop Silver Lake store interior

A sleek contemporary setting of distinctly eclectic references

Aesop Silver Lake resides in a neighbourhood in which we feel entirely comfortable—one long known for nurturing independent artists, musicians, and screenwriters. Created in collaboration with San Francisco-based studio Randolph Designs, its design was inspired primarily by the influence of nature on the evolution of cities.

Black basalt, Douglas Fir and gypsum panelling are key materials here, evincing a simple, natural palette in a sleek contemporary setting of distinctly eclectic references—the prehistoric geology of the Los Angeles Basin, twentieth-century lunar exploration, and ancient architecture from Stonehenge to Mesoamerica.

Two slender LED lighting tubes discreetly span the length of the ceiling on either side of the interior, complemented by three pendant lamps—their shades crafted from Douglas Fir veneer—that gently illuminate the sales counter. Vintage lounge chairs by the front window beckon guests to enjoy a moment of respite.

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