Cleansing, nourishing hand care

Washing hands with vigour and rigour is an essential act. It is best followed by restorative, aromatic hydration: just like the uneasy mind, hard-working hands deserve attentive nurturing.

Meticulous care for hands

Closeness in conversation

Whether it be through Live Assistance, phone or message, trained consultants are available to discuss anything of your choosing, from skin and body care to fragrance and home formulations.

Seasonal Skin Care

A regimen to sustain skin through summer

With warmer months comes the need to reassess skin care regimens accordingly. A ritual of thorough cleansing is recommended, supplemented with twice-weekly deep cleansing practices and lighter, more rapidly-absorbed hydration.

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Brazen and delicate

Rōzu Eau de Parfum

A complex evolution of the rose, our fourth fragrance is underpinned by green, woody and lightly smoky notes—unmistakably floral, yet nuanced and expansive.

Rōzu Eau de Parfum on chair

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‘Darkness is more productive of sublime ideas than light.’

Edmund Burke