Aesop Lausanne store interior

Brass, concrete and timber in balance

Located on a small but lively street by the shore of Lake Geneva, Aesop Lausanne was created by in-house architect Marion Mouny. The compact yet compelling design was inspired by material contrasts.

Aesop Lausanne store interior
Aesop Lausanne store interior shelving detail

The store is framed by an inconspicuous façade, the powder-coated metal exterior matching the nearby walls. Milky brown Acerro timber ribbons around the interior, hosting shelving, demonstration sinks and sales counter. The customer is guided into a warm space of striking contrasts; the concrete walls, ceiling and floors are rough and irregular, while the neutral tones in the timber are punctuated by polished brass detailing.

Select furnishings add to the vintage charm, including two 1960s Paulo Venini glass chandeliers. A pair of Art Deco Italian stools offer functional respite as well as making an emphatic visual statement.

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