Aesop Fitzroy store interior

An ode to Melbourne’s first suburb

The first design for our Fitzroy store relied on the resourceful use of timber wine boxes. Today, a refreshed, warmly detailed interior pays respects to local history and timeless domestic rituals. The design was created in partnership with Melbourne architect Clare Cousins, who was also responsible for its predecessor.

Aesop Fitzroy store interior
Aesop Fitzroy store display

Denoting a long-standing presence, the steel windows, steel beams and rustic concrete slab floor of the original shopfront have been retained. Traditional timber cabinets hand-painted inside and out in a soft green provide generous storage space and shelving.

The capacious concrete demonstration sink was cast in-situ; it was inspired by laundry troughs commonly found in lean-to structures behind the area’s older houses and the premises of Fitzroy’s early farriers. At the rear of the space is a blush-pink kitchenette, which can be concealed by a translucent silicon curtain.

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