Aesop Design District

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Aesop Design District Facade

A light-filled, monochromatic interior of curves and cylinders.

Our third Miami signature store was created in partnership with the Brazilian firm Metro Arquitetos Associados, who were guided by the design principles of simplicity and reduction in a space that explores synergies between the Brazilian modernist tradition and the Art Deco geometry that proliferates in South Beach.

Beyond the store’s zinc-clad exterior lies a bright space of concrete, polished plaster and terrazzo in pale tones. The design deliberately avoids right angles and contrasting colours, delivering a light-filled, monochromatic space of curves and cylinders. Colour and shape reflect a formal purity typical of the two chief architectural influences.

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‘In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.’

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow