Aesop Corso Magenta store interior

A whimsical homage to Italian design and domesticity

Our second Milan signature store is situated in a historic district that embodies the city’s dynamic elegance. Created in partnership with Milanese design firm Dimore Studio, its design is both a whimsical essay on materials typically employed in butlers’ pantries of 1930s Italian villas, and a contemporary version of the small neighbourhood bottega still common in this area.

Aesop Corso Magenta Interior Detail
Aesop Corso Magenta store interior

Muted greens, yellows and pinks herald the trip back in time. Glossy teal subway tiles cover the planes and arches of the ceiling, contrasted with lemon-yellow corner shelving. Product display cabinets are of the same green tone. Soft grey linoleum covers the floor, complemented by two mid-century velvet-upholstered chairs and a stainless steel demonstration sink, a further echo of domesticity.

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