Aesop Century City

Aesop Century City interior

The backyard swimming pool: an abiding fascination of artists such as David Hockney, and inspiration for Aesop Century City.

Our latest Los Angeles signature store is situated within a lively retail hub in Century City. Created by our in-house Design Department, the 645-square foot space pays homage to one of Los Angeles’s defining cultural symbols: the azure depths of the backyard swimming pool.

Inspired by this fixture of the suburban landscape, Aesop continues in the tradition of resident artists such as David Hockney and Edward Ruscha, who captured the aesthetics of not only leisure and outdoor living through their abiding fascination with the pool, but the identity of the city itself.

Exactly 3942 curved ceramic tiles furnished in a custom swimming-pool blue wrap the space’s floor, walls, counters and shelving bays, creating a single homogenous surface which appears to float in space, advancing within its concrete encasement. Surrounded by a dynamic façade of operable glass panels, the corner tenancy is defined by the material and chromatic contrast between outer shell and tiled, wedge-shaped insertion.

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