Aesop Breeze Center store interior

Curvilinear forms, achromatic elegance

Our Breeze Center signature store offers a soothing haven from the bustling Taipei streets. Created by our in-house Design Department, its monochromatic off-white palette immediately evokes a sense of stillness amid the hum of the retail corridor outside.

The interior’s most prominent feature is a curvilinear wall wrapped in Pei Pu—locally sourced cotton with a rough weave, yet soft to the touch. Textural variation continues in plaster walls, ceiling and shelving, while pale Oak flooring effects a natural warmth.

Aesop Breeze Center Store Interior
Aesop Breeze Center Store Interior

The recessed white enamel demonstration sink is crowned with handsome swan-neck copper tapware. A nook nestled behind the wall invites repose; this annexe, with its with Naoto Fukasawa-designed chairs and suspended Benjamin Hubert pendant lamp, lends a sense of contemplative calm to the space.

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