Aesop Bern store interior

A dialogue between crafted elements and lean industrial components

Our Bern signature store occupies a heritage-listed site on Kramgasse in the centre of Bern, only doors away from the apartment in which Albert Einstein lived while writing the Annus mirabilis papers, and was created in collaboration with architects from einszu33.

The approach aimed to convert the interior almost invisibly; not designing in the customary sense, but subtly modifying to express a distinctly Swiss identity. Most new elements seem as if they have always occupied the space, and some existing fittings have merely been refinished—such as timber cabinetry repainted using the same subdued grey that covers the walls and ceiling.

Outsized stone arches at the façade evoke a sense of nostalgia at the moment of entry, complemented by large windows that filter indirect light into the space to effect a softly radiant atmosphere.

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‘True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.’

Saint Francis De Sales