Gifts for every character


Still life shot of Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Aesop favourites

A selection of much-loved formulations, including fragrant hand and body care, to please all on your gift list.

Still-life shot of Tacit Eau de Parfume

Fragrant gifts

Aromatic formulations to delight the nose and inspire olfactory journeys to Marrakech, and beyond.

Gift Kits for poetic hearts


States of Being: Aromatique Room Spray Trio

A collection to enhance any interior

Formulated to imbue home or office with aromas that help calm the mind and lift the mood of the hour.

Aromatique Room Spray Trio overlayed on conceptual campaign background.
Generous offerings

A generosity of spirit

For moments of note and recipients of distinction, opt for selections that express your affection in abundance.


Store Locator

Find a nearby store for in-person advice on gifts.

Aesop Nolita store facade

Aesop Nolita, New York

‘This world is but canvas to our imaginations.’

Henry David Thoreau