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Aesop’s literary publication, The Fabulist

Literature to complement a sense of space

Co-presented with the Serpentine Galleries, on the occasion of the Serpentine Pavilion 2018 in London, our twenty-third issue of The Fabulist gathers essays that question materiality and the meaning of our surrounds.

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Aesop Williamsburg
85 N 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11249
Aesop Saks 5th Avenue
611 Fifth Avenue Second Floor New York, NY 10022
Aesop Brickell City Centre
701 South Miami Avenue, Unit Number 235, Miami, FL 33131
An Oakland partner

Celebrations with Creative Growth

Co-presented with Creative Growth, our Jackson Square store is exhibiting Tony Pedemonte’s sculptures—woven shapes made of found objects and brightly colored fibers.

Ball of yarn for Creative Growth

‘O for a life of sensations rather than of thoughts.’

John Keats