Aesop Vieux Lille store interior

A restoration expressive of the craftsman’s hand

Our first French signature store to be launched outside Paris is situated in Lille, a regional capital that has prevailed against feudal conquest, industrial fluctuations and the odd rebellion to retain a vitality reminiscent of its textile and mining peak in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

When conceiving the design, our in-house Design Department was drawn to the built heritage of the old quarter, where Baroque flourish is counterbalanced by modest, muted spaces. Work began with careful removal of recent additions to the historic interior, revealing the tactility of original structural bones, including lime-washed walls, Oak flooring, patinated timber panelling and load-bearing masonry.

The walls were restored and painted olive green. They are complemented by the clean lines of Oak shelving units finished with brass, and two counters topped in pierre de Tervoux, a white stone used for mouldings and carvings on many local buildings. Plaster lighting by Alexandre Logé, a vintage lounge chair and several indoor plants accent the relaxed, inviting gestalt.