An auspicious dawn

Fulfilment and fortune

At the advent of the Lunar New Year, we look to the future—a clean unknown, full of newness and potential.

Lunar New Year 2020
Parsley Seed Skin Care

Fortification and replenishment in urban environments

Ideal for daily use by city-dwellers and commuters alike, the Parsley Seed Skin Care range contains generous doses of ingredients rich in anti-oxidants.


In cool or cold urban settings, skin is vulnerable to a range of environmental factors.

Pollution, heating and the stresses of city life can heighten skin’s susceptibility to free radical damage and dehydration. Anti-oxidant rich Parsley Seed formulations help to support skin against these effects.

Parsley Seed Cool Climate
Travel skin care

From departure, onwards

To assist with upcoming travels, we recommend a skin care routine tailored for both the in-flight journey and the destination.

An image of a model plane held in a hand, representing the feeling of flight.

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