Aesop Yokohama Bay Quarter

Aesop Yokohama Bay Quarter store interior

Subtly redolent of Yokohama’s coastal landscape

Our inaugural Yokohama signature store was created in partenrship with award-winning Torafu Architects. The clean and compact space offers reprieve from neighbourhood bustle and traffic from nearby Yokahama Station.

The interior utilises oriented strand board, created through the compression of thousands of wooden splinters, as its primary material. This provides an intriguing textural element in a design that emphasises elegance, simplicity, and functionality.

A muted green was chosen for the wall; juxtaposed against the pale stain of the oriented strand board, the tone is at once soothing and subtly redolent of Yokohama’s coastal landscape.

‘There are as many kinds of beauty as there are habitual ways of seeking happiness.’

Charles Baudelaire