Brazen and delicate

Rōzu Eau de Parfum

A complex evolution of the rose, our fourth fragrance is underpinned by green, woody and lightly smoky notes—unmistakably floral, yet nuanced and expansive.

Rōzu Eau de Parfum on chair
Radical and nuanced

Charlotte Perriand

The inspiration behind Rōzu, Charlotte Perriand was committed to improving the lives of others through intelligent design. Every facet of Rōzu embodies an olfactory link to her remarkable life and work.

Charlotte Perriand at work

© Adagp, Paris, 2020 ; © Archives Charlotte Perriand

Cleansing, nourishing hand care

Washing hands with vigour and rigour is an essential act. It is best followed by restorative, aromatic hydration: just like the uneasy mind, hard-working hands deserve attentive nurturing.

Washing the hands vigorously

A cosier nest

For those spending long hours at home, we suggest dipping into the versatile repertoire of Charlie Parker. To complement his command of the alto saxophone, enjoy domestic formulations that instil a welcome sense of aromatic quietude to all interior spaces.

Treat & Masque

In complement to all skin

Formulated masques and treatment oils respectively cleanse deeply, hydrate and nourish the skin.


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Aesop Gough Street

Aesop Gough Street

‘Life is as full of paradoxes as roses are of thorns.’

Fernando Pessoa