A trio of fragrant candles

By starlight or candle-light

Three scented candles are the newest addition to our range of formulations for the home. Each is named for an ancient astronomer; each imparts an evocative perfume.

With renewed purpose

Introducing the Rinse and Return initiative

Hong Kong residents are encouraged to return cosmetic glass and packaging to Aesop Hong Kong stores for future recycling.

For the home

Domestic pleasures

Our range of aromatic formulations for the home are practical and pleasing in equal measure.

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Slideshow links - for visual effect only:
Understanding your skin

Complexion and character

To better understand the particularities and needs of your skin, and to determine which products are most appropriate to clarify, nourish and protect it, we invite you to discover our guide.

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Closeness in conversation

Whether it be through live assistance, video consultation or phone, trained consultants are available to discuss anything of your choosing, from skin and body care to fragrance and home formulations.


Store Locator

In each store, trained consultants will be pleased to host you.

Aesop Gough Street

Aesop Gough Street

‘Life is as full of paradoxes as roses are of thorns.’

Fernando Pessoa