Aesop Korinbo Tokyu Square


A design influenced by the traditional architecture of by nearby machiya buildings.

Our counter in Koribno Tokyu Square retail centre, Kanazawa, was created in partnership with CASE-REAL; its design was influenced by the traditional architecture of by the machiya buildings that line the narrow streets of nearby Higashi Chaya District—the red bengara-koshi timber lattices of their façades effecting a rhythmic repetition.

Referencing this latticework but interpreted through the aesthetic of sleek modern sound equipment, timber panels of finely routed slits dominate the store’s fittings; while paler than traditional bengara pigment, the panelling retains a suggestion of its classic hue.

A burnished copper demonstration sink provides nuanced contrasts; two tall columns anchor and announce the space amid the retail centre’s daily bustle.

‘The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.’

Matsuo Basho