Aesop South Yarra

Aesop South Yarra Facial Appointments room

A reverence for science given formal expression

Created in partnership with local firm Clare Cousins Architects, the design for our third Australian store was influenced by Parisian taxidermists and pharmaceutical laboratories. A simple material palette allows the sophisticated interior to deliver a dynamic and inviting retail framework.

Generously proportioned, the space is showcased through a full-height glass façade. This permits abundant natural light to reveal details: screed concrete flooring, a porcelain-tiled wall of demonstration sinks, and plywood product shelving embellished with the Periodic Table of Elements.

Pendant lights and a dusty pink wall instil an understated elegance, which carries through to the aromatic calm of a purpose-built treatment space at the rear of the retail area.

‘Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity.’

Louis Pasteur