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Aesop Doncaster interior

A long-standing space renewed

Our Doncaster signature store was designed in partnership with locally based firm Russell & George, who also created its predecessor in 2009. True to first intentions, the refurbished interior remains calming yet enlivening, thanks to retention of structural bones such as Italian porcelain pool tiles and floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The diagonally oriented Gum-leaf green tiles confer a sense of movement around a new sculptural centrepiece. Clad in brushed stainless steel and encompassing sinks, bench seating and shelving, this sinuous form references the sculptural works of Marcel Duchamp. It establishes a dialogue between new and old that is reflected, quite literally, in a ceiling fixture and a mirrored back wall that accentuates the deep volume.

Aesop Doncaster Interior shelving and counter
Aesop Doncaster interior lighting detail

‘Then came a change, as all things human change.’

Alfred Lord Tennyson