Aesop Amu Plaza Hakata

Aesop Amu Plaza Hakata interior

A simple, evocative space of golden shadows

Our space in Hakata ward of Fukuoka City was created in partnership with Tokyo-based SIMPLICITY team under the leadership of Shinichiro Ogata. The design was inspired by Hakata’s centuries-old heritage as a base for diplomacy and trade, and its continued prominence as an international commercial hub—a stature hard-won, following many vicissitudes that saw the old cityscape destroyed after repeated battles.

In the sixteenth century, local merchants built a self-governed city, using wealth garnered from foreign trade; central to the store’s interior is an imposing assemblage of stacked timber boxes that appears as if a historic tableau referencing this heritage. It is complemented by discreet, streamlined lighting and golden walls; the latter catch both light and shadow to mesmerising effect.

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‘Real things in the darkness seem no realer than dreams.’

Lady Murasaki