Aesop Prahran

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Aesop Prahran store interior

A halcyon space hewn from Birch plywood

Aesop Prahran is situated on a street with a long history of hosting food, fashion and music venues and retailers, from the dearly missed Continental Café to the stalwart Greville Records.

The design for this modest, pared-back space—which once housed logistics for our first online business—was created in partnership with local firm March Studio. It takes advantage of a corner location that enjoys abundant natural light.

The entire store was built using marine-grade Birch plywood, with layers of interlocking timber used to form product display shelves, a demonstration sink and a central counter; those fitted to the ceiling add textural detail and discreetly filter lighting throughout the elongated interior. A heritage façade featuring Art Nouveau stained glass panels is finished with a hand-made gold foil logo.

‘Knowledge is the beginning of practice; doing is the completion of knowing.’

Wang Yangming