Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator

A soothing embrace for skin.

Introducing the first Aesop hydrator specifically designed to soothe, calm, and bring comfort to sensitive skin.

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A still-life shot of the Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator jar, alongside sculptural forms swaddled in cloth, conveying compassionate care for sensitive skin.

For sensitive skin types


An aesthetic handbook

Pre-order the Aesop book

Introducing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Aesop’s history, holistic approach, and distinctive spaces. Part narrative, part photo essay, part history, the volume includes exclusive photographs and exquisite archival images. Launching 22 October.

Three copies of Aesop: the book, stacked vertically.
Of unique benefit

Vitamins and healthy skin

Among those we often return to in our formulations are a range of ingredients known to benefit the skin—vitamins C, B3, E and Provitamin B5.

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Explore a collection of long-standing formulations and Aesop classics.


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Aesop Sydney Store Interior

Aesop Sydney

‘The human mind is so constructed, that it resists rigour, and yields to softness.’

Saint Francis de Sales