A fresh squeeze

Citrus Melange Body Cleanser

Our newest body cleanser is an uplifting blend of Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Lemon—a refreshing shower gel to transform bathing rituals.

In honour of fathers

Gestures of appreciation 

A selection of Father’s Day gifts befitting the man known for his good advice, bad jokes, and comforting meals. 

Abstract illustration of a hearty meal.

In the absence of touch

For personalised advice from the comfort of home, we welcome you to arrange a video consultation with a trained Aesop consultant; or to use our live assistance for guidance while browsing online.


Cleansing, nourishing hand care

Washing hands with vigour and rigour is an essential act. It is best followed by restorative, aromatic hydration: just like the worried mind, hard-working hands deserve attentive nurturing.

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Slideshow links - for visual effect only:

For winter’s cool embrace

We advocate a mindful approach to hydration during the winter months, emphasising the need to change routines with shifts in climatic conditions, be they mild or extreme.

Winter Skin artwork with three accompanying bottles

Hygiene in any habitat

Resurrection Hand Purifying Duet is a new duo to ensure impeccable hygiene, wherever the day takes you.

Resurrection Duet
Masques and treatments

With diligent affection for skin

Explore deep cleansing masques and hydrating treatments, to help skin maintain a clean, smooth, and supple surface. Application is recommended twice weekly.


Store Locator

In each store, trained consultants will be pleased to host you.

Aesop Sydney Store Interior

Aesop Sydney

‘Life is as full of paradoxes as roses are of thorns.’

Fernando Pessoa