Aesop Sofo store interior

The subtle simplicity of Swedish design

Our second Stockholm store, designed in partnership with local architecture practice In Praise of Shadows, is located in a neighbourhood with a proud bohemian legacy, and it embodies the conviviality that characterises the district to evoking the essence of a true ‘living room’.

Framed by a heritage Teak façade, the interior is enveloped in the clear tones of Alder veneer, which wraps the smooth, undulating walls. Its grain and tactile form create a play of light and shadow, punctuated by patinated brass shelves. Cosy nooks created by the curves accommodate leather-covered seats that invite a moment of repose for tea and conversation.

A central unit, also of Alder, guards the rounded edges of the floorplan and houses both the sales counter and a vintage enamelled sink used for product demonstrations. Original concrete flooring has been restored to show a rough, pale grey aggregate that effects an appealing contrast to the rosy hue of its setting.

‘It is a species of agreeable servitude, to be under an obligation to those we esteem.’

Queen Kristina