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Aesop North Melbourne store interior

A sense of history and gentle grandeur

Designed in partnership with Melbourne architect Rodney Eggleston of March Studio, Aesop North Melbourne effects a balance of old-word grace and an almost pastoral sense of calm in what was once a grand Victorian manor.

Aesop North Melbourne store product shelving
Aesop North Melbourne store interior furnishing

Large copper-framed windows, abundant natural light and high original ceilings create a welcoming yet sophisticated environment. The dark, mottled concrete floor lends a pleasant weight to the dusky blush of the walls.

The interior boasts three antique Viennese fountains—used for product demonstrations—and an old Silky Oak archiving drawer, both key inspirations for the atmosphere and design. The latter, originally the property of the Gallery of New South Wales, serves as a handsome counter and product display cabinet.

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