Aesop Hampstead

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Aesop Hampstead store interior

The moss green of the meadows and Hampstead’s artistic history

Hampstead, London is a hilltop hideaway first fashionable for its spa waters in the eighteenth century, now proudly rich in its intellectual, artistic and musical associations.

In response to the many examples of Modernist and experimental thought prevalent in the region, Aesop’s in-house Design Department used molded plywood—a technique made popular by regional designers in the 1930s. The reclaimed parquet flooring and brass detailing are also a nod to the 1930s design aesthetic.

The pastel green walls are redolent of the patchwork of woodlands and meadows that make up Hampstead Heath. It is in these natural surrounds that poet John Keats would travel from Well Walk to Wentworth House, where he is said to have composed five of his six great odes, including ‘Ode to a Nightingale’.

‘The poetry of the earth is never dead.’

John Keats