Aesop Broadway Market

Aesop Broadway Market store interior

Of hearth and home

Aesop Broadway Market, in Hackney, London, is sited in a location long known for its bustling Saturday market and strong community spirit. Created by our in-house Design Department, the interior was devised with a private home in mind; accordingly, its modest materiality and furnishings could sit just as comfortably in a residential setting.

Original bare timber flooring has been left intact, and Cherry wood employed as the primary material for retail fittings—including deep trough fitted with brass garden taps, and a large central counter. An Oak bench crafted by a local carpenter spans the length of the front window, effecting a pleasant niche in which to receive the afternoon sun.

Aesop Broadway Market store shelving
Aesop Broadway Market store shelving detail

‘London is a modern Babylon.’

Benjamin Disraeli