SPF protection

In shades of light

As we move through the day, our skin is exposed to UV rays and free radicals that can perturb its composure. To help fortify the skin from environmental aggressors, formulations with SPF and anti-oxidant ingredients are recommended.

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In honour of fathers

Gestures of appreciation

A selection of Father’s Day gifts befitting the man known for his good advice, bad jokes, and comforting meals. 

Abstract illustration of a hearty meal.
In the absence of touch

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Explore a collection of long-standing formulations and Aesop classics.

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Cleansing, nourishing hand care

Washing hands with vigour and rigour is an essential act. It is best followed by restorative, aromatic hydration: just like the uneasy mind, hard-working hands deserve attentive nurturing.

Washing the hands vigorously

‘The mind I love must have wild places.’

Katherine Mansfield