Aesop Busan store interior

The wild splendour of the seaside and the beauty of natural decay.

Our third signature store to open in Korea is located in Shinsegae Centum City Mall, Busan. Created in collaboration with design firm 2Rabbit, the interior was inspired by geographical features unique to the port city, and effects a serene atmosphere amid bustling surrounds.

Striking balance between otherwise contrasting elements, the space features materials evocative of the seaside—such as sandstone and pale timber—alongside brass accents and vintage furnishings that reference the beauty of natural decay. Blonde Oak flooring brings warmth to the space; a bench clad in ash-brown leather and fixed to the right wall offers visitors a moment of repose.

Centrally positioned, a sandstone demonstration sink and point-of-sale counter offer textural interest and allude to local shores. In complement, curved white walls finished with sand-textured paint and featuring soft-edged recessed shelving subtly evoke the continuity of Busan’s coastline.

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‘I am the spirit of the morning sea, I am the awakening and the glad surprise.’

Richard Watson Gilder