The design of an Aesop store

In each of our stores around the world, we aim to marry a locally relevant design vocabulary with an underlying aesthetic consistency, drawing material and conceptual inspiration from each location. Learn more from some of the architects and designers with whom we’ve collaborated.


Aesop Tokyo, Tokyo

Designed in collaboration with SIMPLICITY under the leadership of Shinichiro Ogata, this inviting space was inspired by the adjacent steadily-flowing Meguro River, and by the understated hospitality of a mid-century Japanese house. Effecting a sense of refined domesticity, it is also home to our first facial treatment room in Japan.


Aesop James Street, Brisbane

Situated in leafy Fortitude Valley, Aesop James Street is one of our many collaborations with Rodney Eggleston of March Studio. Distinguished by an enormous semi-translucent, funnel-like fibreglass shell that wraps the corner space, the store blurs the line between interior and exterior in a nod to Queensland’s tropical climate.


Aesop Upper West Side, New York

Occupying the former site of a family-run dry cleaning institution, Aesop Upper West Side was designed in partnership with long-term co-conspirator Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox Architecture. The original signage was preserved out of respect for the building’s history, while timber shelving draws formal inspiration from the coat hangers that once lined the walls.


Aesop San Lorenzo in Lucina, Rome

Aesop San Lorenzo in Lucina, designed in partnership with Studio Luca Guadagnino, resulted from a chance Los Angeles encounter with the esteemed auteur and our admiration for the studio’s design mastery. The modestly proportioned 42-square-metre space—our first in Rome—exudes a sense of monastic order and tranquillity.

‘Our imagination so magnifies this present existence, by the power of continual reflection on it.’

Blaise Pascal