Aesop Bibliotekstan store interior

Massive, simply hewn timber forms

Our first Swedish signature store, Aesop Bibliotekstan was created in partnership with architects Katarina Lundeberg and Fredric Benesch of In Praise of Shadows, and artist Lies-Marie Hoffman. The interior features extensive use of timber and is informed by three primary inspirations—the art of Carl Larsson, and the films of Ingmar Bergman and Lars von Trier.

bibliotekstan store-interior

Three imposing pieces immediately draw attention: the point-of-sale counter, demonstration sink and a complementary bench, made by Hoffman from local Elm, with which she has worked for many years. Using chainsaw and chisel, she effects a geometry that lifts the timber’s inner growth lines and reveals its unique beauty.

These massive, simply hewn forms also provide textural contrast with a smooth beige plaster wall, and timber floor, walls and ceiling crafted by Danish firm Dinesen, whose expertise spans five generations.

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