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Aesop Ginza store interior
Aesop Ginza Six store interior
Aesop Ginza Six sculptural interior

Unity and hospitality in a sanctum of calm

Our second signature store in Ginza is located in GINZA SIX, part of the Chūō-dōri retail thoroughfare. This centre complements the flow of its surrounding streets, offering a culture-rich environment while honouring gin-bura, which means ‘to enjoy a stroll through Ginza’. Augmenting a long-standing partnership, the space was designed in partnership with local practice Torafu Architects.

The interior seamlessly protracts the meandering orientation of its setting, with undulating walls and terrazzo flooring lined with brass inlays forming a rhythmic passage through the corner location. The matching tones and polished finish of floor and walls suggest an encased sanctum, and lend a sense of unity and welcome.

An island with curved contours houses two demonstration sinks and a sales counter, and underscores the store’s soft line of flow. Giving discreet emphasis to product display, golden iron shelves have been carefully embedded into the plaster walls by expert hands. A tester display area with the same metal finish effects subtle prominence for consultations.

‘Learn how to listen as things speak for themselves.’

Matsuo Bashō