Aesop Wynwood store interior

An essay on light, colour and texture

Our second Miami signature store was created in partnership with architect Frida Escobedo. Its design and materiality were inspired by Wynwood’s vibrant arts community and the area’s history of industry and manufacturing—which made for rich sensory contrasts.

Aesop Wynwood store facade
Aesop Wynwood store interior detail

Tall panes of dichroic glass at the rear refract light from front windows and skylight to stunningly colourful effect, reminiscent of the bright, sprawling murals that abound locally, but effecting a quieter energy. Their hues change throughout the day in accordance with the sun’s angle and intensity, instilling a sense of constant movement.

An installation of boulders composed of roughly nine thousand kilograms of Manhattan granite provides variation in texture and palette. The sink is fitted with custom-made copper brass faucets, an accent reiterated in a copper chair purpose-built by Frida Escobedo.

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