Aesop Castle Towers store interior

A nod to local suburban architecture

Created in partnership with Melbourne firm Russell & George, the design for this distinctive space was inspired by some of the colours, textures and forms that characterised Australia’s built suburban environments in the mid-twentieth century, subtly alluding as well to elements of the natural landscape.

The interior speaks to prominent features of remote and suburban landscapes. Burnt orange tones in terracotta tiles and limewashed walls reference the red tiled roofs that predominated in suburbia from the late 1940s to the 1960s, which are in turn a reminder of the red earth that characterises outback Australia. Blackened steel accents effect a bold contrast, reminiscent of the roads and freeways that link suburbia to the city and beyond.

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‘Some see no beauty in our trees without shade… But the dweller in the wilderness… becomes familiar with the beauty of loneliness.’

Marcus Clarke