Aesop Abbot Kinney

Aesop Abbot Kinney store interior

Modest materials used to handsome effect

Aesop’s inaugural Los Angeles signature store, on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, was created in collaboration with architectural firm NADAAA. The Boston-based design firm, well-versed in Aesop’s predilections for interiors that respond to neighbourhood anthropology, has employed a restrained palette of timber and concrete—a simple canvas upon which to introduce Angelenos to the brand.

Digitally fabricated panel board wraps the walls and ceiling, marked by arbitrary linear incisions reminiscent of a Mondrian artwork. The concrete floor has been left untouched, the marks of its previous life as an artist’s studio evidenced in its imperfect paint flecks and fissures. A burly concrete sink stands to the left of the entrance.

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