Concrete and porcelain; aluminium and brass

Like its sibling Aesop Silver Lake, Aesop West 3rd Street was created in collaboration with Randolph Designs. Situated in a 1920s building with subtle Deco feeling to the façade, constructed in the 1920s, it was inspired by the architectural eclecticism, cultural diversity and pace of change evident in contemporary Los Angeles.

The interior features a ground and sealed concrete floor, concrete pendant lamps; dimensional concrete tiles; and a demonstration sink composed of concrete, iron, aluminium, brass and porcelain. The skin-like quality of this versatile material is explored in a variety of techniques and finishes. In chorus is the sales counter, which features a densely compressed yet surprisingly tactile newsprint pulp surface.

A ceiling of Douglas Fir has been reclaimed and restored to blend into the dominant palette. Product is housed on aluminium shelving, powder-coated to match the tiling; the opposing wall is fitted with sawtooth shelving that holds integrated oil burners.

‘An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves.’

Lydia Maria Child