Aesop Newmarket store interior

Robust materials with domestic finesse

Aesop’s first New Zealand signature store is located in Newmarket, Auckland, a diverse neighbourhood that was once home to a thriving cattle market. Created in collaboration with Patterson Associates, the space was inspired by the region’s architectural heritage.

The interior echoes the raw simplicity of a traditional New Zealand washroom or rudimentary holiday home, also known as a bach. Recycled Rimu timber folds up the walls, creating a refined version of the horizontal boards found in early colonial washrooms. Large windows prompt an immediate relationship with the exterior, allowing an abundance of natural light and fresh air to filter through the space.

As an ode to the domestic ritual of washing—integral to our philosophy—a large concrete tub sits as the centerpiece of the interior. The shelving surfaces are reminiscent of oven trays, paying homage to the site’s original use as a commercial bakery.

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