Aesop Kitsilano

Cliquez et Ramassez est disponible à cette boutique.

Aesop Kitsilano store interior

Of mountains and minerals

Our second Vancouver signature store, in Kitsilano, is the result of a collaboration with Montréal-based architecture firm _naturehumaine. Emerging from the specifics of site and setting, the interior gestures to the proximity of mountains and coast in the Vancouver Bay area.

This duality is expressed primarily through the materiality of floor-to-ceiling cladding; the left-hand side of the store dressed in matte mineral-grey plaster, while its mirror is rendered in a more lustrous finish, evoking the reflective quality of water.

A pair of oversized counters add volume to the space; one topped in green marble, the other in blush-hued marble, providing contrast to an otherwise muted palette. The shopfront is painted in a similar rosy tone, nodding to the vernacular of local Craftsman-style residences and their pastel exteriors.

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‘There is something bigger than fact: the underlying spirit, all it stands for, the mood, the vastness, the wildness.’

Emily Carr