Aesop Homansbyen

Aesop Homansbyen store interior

Historic details imagined anew

Our second Oslo signature store, created in partnership with integrated design and architecture practice Snøhetta, is situated on the ground floor of a functionalist 1940s apartment building.

The space draws inspiration from original details and materiality, imagining them anew. A contemporary geometric motif, for example, is interpreted from existing timber detailing on the host building’s exterior; inside, it takes the form of a meticulously crafted Oak panel with a truncated pyramidal form.

These modulated panels clad wall and counter volumes, with those installed above product shelves featuring integrated lighting fixtures. The same blond Oak furnishes ceiling plane, built-in shelving and a perforated dividing wall that reveals glimpses of light from a concealed stairway leading to the basement level.

‘The spectacles of experience; through them you will see clearly a second time.’

Henrik Ibsen