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Facial Appointments:
Composed skin, at hand.

Aesop Facial Appointments offer a series of unique treatments to balance, stimulate and intensely nourish the skin through touch, taking into consideration the relationship between the mind and the senses.

During each appointment, an Aesop-trained facial therapist will apply pressure to the face in rhythmic, cursive motions, delivering generous doses of Aesop formulations, and helping to restore calm to the skin.

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Aesop Richmond - London, United Kingdom
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Aesop Tokyo - Tokyo

Prior to your treatment, a facial therapist will perform a consultation to understand your aims and concerns, and to determine the customised formulations best suited to your skin.

To ensure a well-rounded skin care regimen, it is recommended you enjoy a Facial Appointment every four to six weeks.

Aesop offers Facial Appointments of 35, 60 and 75-minutes duration, depending upon location.

Facial Appointments of a 35-minute duration are performed using products from the existing Aesop product range. These treatments are offered at select Aesop locations around the globe.

’Touch has a memory.’

John Keats

Concentrated, bespoke formulations have been developed especially for the 60- to 75-minute Facial Appointments, and are used in conjunction with relevant products from the Aesop range.

Treatments offered

Each treatment is customised to provide equilibrium for your individual skin type.

  • Massaged into the skin with a custom-blended Vitamin C facial serum; a perfect monthly upkeep for patchy, congested and dull complexions.

  • Formulated to maintain ideal skin hydration and a recommended ritual prior to long-haul flights, precisely 24 hours before significant events, and/or with each change of season.

  • Simultaneously deep-cleanses oily, open-pored T-zones and delivers a surge of anti-oxidant-rich hydration to dry areas such as the cheeks and neck. Soothes, calms and balances the most reactive skin; ideal as a monthly treatment.

  • Combines an intensive botanical exfoliating system with a detoxifying Azulene-based calming masque. An apt complement to a detox diet, and suited to stressed or irritated skin types as a monthly addition to a well-rounded regimen.

  • Deep cleansing is followed by gentle yet thorough exfoliation and intensive hydration, to leave skin immaculately clean, soft and supple. Suited to all skin types in dire need of monthly maintenance.

  • As the skin’s exfoliating cycle reduces with each passing year, a little external assistance can ensure maintenance of the optimum 28-day cell turnover, and lead to smoother, clearer, brighter skin. Ideal as a monthly maintenance treatment to address pigmentation and general blemish concerns, and particularly suited to skin over 30 years of age.

Available Locations

Aesop Facial Appointments are available at select doors across the globe.


Hong Kong



  • 60 and 75 minutes

  • Aesop Tokyo



United Kingdom