Packaging re-use trial

Since our beginnings, we have believed in a functional, minimal and sustainable approach to our products and packaging. We aim to make all our packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2030, and this trial represents one of the many steps we are taking towards this endeavour.

In pursuit of a more sustainable practice.

Circular Packaging - Rundle St

It is a pleasure to invite customers to take part in a packaging re-use trial at Aesop Rundle Street. Customers who have purchased Aesop products in 200 mL glass bottles can return their empty bottles to our Rundle Street store, where they will be transferred for future cleaning, sanitising and refilling for re-use as packaging for the same range of cleansers.

This approach allows us to reduce our use of new packaging materials, and to make the most of the durable nature of glass without compromising the efficacy of the products housed within.

You can participate in this trial—and assist us in treading as lightly as possible—by returning any Aesop 200 mL glass bottles and purchasing from the following cleansers:

Fabulous Face Cleanser

Suitable for normal, combination and dry skin types. Enriched with hydrating botanicals to cleanse skin without drying.

Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser

A low-foaming gel ideal for those in urban settings. Lactic Acid helps to effect mild chemical exfoliation.

Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk

An exceptionally mild formulation for sensitive skin. Enhanced with ingredients known for their soothing properties.

In Two Minds Facial Cleanser

Developed specifically for combination skin, this mild yet clarifying cleanser gently lifts impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils.

We aim to expand this trial programme as one of many initiatives to minimise our environmental impact, and we invite you to learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

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Gustav Mahler