Aesop Zhongxiao store interior

A binary palette lent nuance by material and form

Created in collaboration with Taiwanese architects CJ Studio, our second Taipei signature store uses a predominantly monochromatic palette, with material references suggestive of Taipei’s international influences—Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish—as well as its indigenous culture and revitalisation as a contemporary metropolis.

Aesop Zhongxiao East Road store interior detail
Aesop Zhongxiao East Road

A dark terrazzo base bisects the space horizontally. The textured surface runs across the floor and up the walls to form joinery including an indoor planter box, freestanding counter and a large sink against the wall with copper tapware.

Upper walls and shelving are pure white, culminating in a curved ceiling, the interplay of tension and release representing the fluctuating stability in the city. Native Taiwanese plants are found indoors and outside, climbing taut wires overlaid across the balustrade of the terrace.

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