Aesop West Loop store interior

A state of perpetual renewal

Our second Chicago signature store, in the West Loop neighbourhood, was created in partnership with Mexico-based architect Frida Escobedo. It marks our sixth collaboration in the Americas with the architect, each space informed by a deep connection to site, setting and history.

Aesop West Loop store interior
Aesop West Loop store detail

The store’s design finds inspiration in the gridded fencing and woven green tarpaulins that veil the city’s construction sites; chiefly, the aesthetic effect of their layered patterns: one of alternating opacity, translucency and occasional moiré.

Escobedo translates this ubiquitous symbol of urban renewal into custom furniture, shelving and screens fashioned from wire mesh and perforated steel. Uniformly powder-coated in Hartford Green, these elements mirror both the colour of the construction barriers, and a ghost from the building’s past life, with the dark green silhouette of a former staircase retained on an existing wall.

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