Aesop Stockbridge store interior

Rooms with a view, anchored by natural materials

Created by our in-house Design Department, our first Scottish space is located in a historic neighbourhood with a convivial village atmosphere. Its design was influenced strongly by this setting.

Aesop Stockbridge store interior detail
Aesop Stockbridge store interior detail

Natural materials and local references effect a sense of hospitality from the moment of entry. The rough-plastered walls employ a traditional technique, for example, and floor-to-ceiling Scottish Sycamore shelving was crafted from a single tree by cabinetmakers Method Studio. A muted palette draws on the sandstone prevalent in Edinburgh’s buildings as well as the raw beauty of its hinterland.

Two bay windows flood the retail area with natural light; a fireplace and seating in the adjoining middle room allow for consultation and repose. An open door to the back-of-house space gives an uninterrupted line of vision through to a window overlooking a garden, its greenery an echo of nearby Inverleith Park.

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