Aesop Kawaramachi store interior

The past and present in harmony

Our second Kyoto signature store was created in partnership with Torafu Architects. Its design respects the heritage of the neighbourhood—which dates back to the sixteenth century—while also aligning comfortably with contemporary Kyoto.

The elongated, narrow interior progresses from product display at the front to demonstration sinks midway, to the sales counter through to the rear, where a leather-covered seating bench invites a moment of repose and a staircase leads to a first-floor gallery space. Continuity is effected by pendant lights traditionally used on squid-fishing boats, and by green accents throughout.

A pale flexible board with a mortar-like texture is used for the façade and display shelving. Together with the porous Ōya stone used for flooring, it provides a soft, natural palette that lends a pervasive sense of calm from the moment of entry.

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