Aesop Edgehill store facade

Created in collaboration with Ciguë, the space is defined by recycled lumber—the skeletons of early textile mills, warehouses and homes in the area.

Our first Nashville signature store is located in the relaxed West End neighborhood of Edgehill. This location marks our first collaboration in the Americas with Parisian architects Ciguë. The studio has previously created Aesop Le Marais, Aesop Tiquetonne and Aesop Islington, among other distinctive spaces.

In keeping with Ciguë and Aesop’s shared approach to architecture, the design for the 797-square foot store began with an investigation into local history and character, with a seed of inspiration growing from a visit to Woodstock Vintage Lumber, a local supplier who salvage the skeletons of early textile mills, warehouses and homes in the area. With this influence, Ciguë decided to disperse first-growth Heart Pine logs reclaimed from pioneer homes throughout a spare space of white stucco, lime-washed brick and polished concrete. Oriented vertically, they act as both sculpture and structural support system for shelving and storage elements in the light-filled space.

Aesop Edgehill store interior shelving detail
Aesop Edgehill store interior shelving detail

Calling to the building’s former life as a steam laundry company, a utilitarian water basin in non-directional sanded aluminum acts as a focal point in the space. Complementing the point-of-sale, it is hung between a constellation of the logs which reach up into the full-height space, recalling Constantin Brancusi’s totemic forms.

Rough-hewn and bearing the marks of time, the logs are spliced at variegated heights with wedges of aluminum shelving. Embedded like axes in wood, the gesture speaks to the time-honored construction of pioneer log homes, while adding a new layer of materiality to the space.

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