Supporting the wellbeing of those at risk

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In support of medical professionals, we’re continuing to work with healthcare facilities globally to provide workers with personal care products.

A continuing commitment to those on the front line

It is difficult for those of us not working on the front lines to comprehend fully the dangers faced by medical professionals who are dealing with the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 pandemic daily. However, it is not at all difficult to express our immense gratitude and to offer support to those on whose day-to-day life the pandemic has had immediate, broad-reaching consequences.

Beyond an expression of solidarity—heartfelt, but largely intangible—we are seeking to provide practical measures of support.

To date, we have donated over 27,000 products to more than 100 healthcare facilities to support healthcare workers in 13 countries across our global network—in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Americas and Europe. We will continue to work with relevant bodies to determine effective avenues of assistance for the healthcare sector.

We are proud to make this contribution as part of a united effort by Natura &Co.—comprising Natura, Aesop, The Body Shop and Avon—which has established partnerships with non-government organisations globally to provide more than ten million units of soap and alcohol-based sanitiser to facilities in need.

Gestures of support for vulnerable families

Aesop has always supported communities in need. Like many other organisations, we are acutely aware that those already at risk of family violence have become increasingly vulnerable during the pandemic—an unintended consequence of mandatory isolation measures that leave them trapped at home with their abusers.

We are committed to bringing modest comforts to families in need through donation of care packages, in the first instance. Globally, as of late May we have now donated 71,000 products to survivors of family violence in partnership with more than 46 service providers.

We will continue to work with these and similar organisations to understand how we can lend additional support to families.

More broadly, the Natura &Co group of brands is uniting with national and international organisations that deliver front-line services to family violence survivors to help those at risk via a campaign titled #IsolatedNotAlone. The Avon Foundation has committed US$1 million to this cause, with Aesop, The Body Shop and Natura each taking action at a local level and establishing programmes to help bolster community awareness.

An ongoing increase in family violence remains among the pandemic’s more insidious effects. We continue to extend our support and compassion to survivors.

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United in empathy and compassion

An open letter from Natura & Co.

As a group, Natura & Co has written an Open Letter calling on governments around the world to extend funding and resources, where necessary, to deal with the increased incidence of family violence that has occurred during the pandemic.

To our governments, governors, mayors, and legislators:

Like COVID-19, domestic violence knows no geographic or demographic boundaries. It’s a silent epidemic that touches the lives of one in three women around the world and is often hidden behind closed doors. And now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, those women and children are increasingly vulnerable to domestic abuse: an unintended consequence of the isolation measures that leave survivors trapped at home with their abusers.

Frontline women’s non-profits and organizations are already seeing a significant increase in domestic violence cases, resulting in a greater demand for support services.

Supporting UN Women’s call to prioritize domestic violence survivors at this time, Natura &Co and its family of brands, Avon, Natura, The Body Shop, and Aesop are uniting with national and international organizations that deliver frontline services to domestic violence survivors. We respectfully ask that you ensure at risk women and children—particularly those who are socially disadvantaged—in your countries, cities, and communities have the support and resources they need.

In the spirit of collaboration and connection, we request that you:

  • Give funding to specialist services that support women and children at risk of domestic violence—including shelters, helplines, and other resources—and ensure that resources are expanded, where necessary, to deal with the increased incidence of violence

  • Keep domestic violence front of mind with public awareness campaigns to ensure the problem is not overlooked

  • Declare domestic violence shelters essential services and lift restrictions on domestic violence survivors for whom self-isolation may be their most life-threatening option

At Natura &Co, we believe business can and should be a force for good. Together, our four brands represent the world’s largest women’s network, connecting more than six million representatives and consultants, and 40,000 employees with 200 million consumers in 110 countries. Together, we can make a difference, and this is what drives us to support domestic violence survivors with our #IsolatedNotAlone campaign:

  • The Avon Foundation has committed US$1 million to domestic violence support groups around the world that focus on direct impact, grassroots initiatives.

  • Avon, Natura, The Body Shop, and Aesop will donate essential personal care packages to shelters in their local markets, and will engage their customers to donate locally

  • Each brand will raise awareness through its social media channels to support survivors, their friends, and their families, sign-posting help and sharing advice on staying safe

In this extraordinary and challenging time, we are so grateful for the efforts of governments, businesses, and civil society to protect all of us from the coronavirus pandemic. Our ask is that we do not allow domestic violence survivors to become the hidden and forgotten victims of this terrible situation.

In solidarity,

Natura &Co


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