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Introducing the Departure and Arrival Travel Kits

Inspired by our appreciation for travel near and far, the latest Travel Kits, Departure and Arrival, help ease the physical toils of transit and elevate the journey onwards. 


When travelling, we may set our sights on the destination, though it is the process of travelling—getting there and back—that frequently offers us the time and space for serious introspection. To help ease the physical toils of transit, the Departure Kit contains carry-on Personal Care and Skin Care formulations to refresh the body and the senses.

Explore the Departure Kit
Explore the Departure Kit


Travel makes room for us to experience what we would usually ignore—the movement of light, scents, unfamiliar landscapes, cities, and roads—revealing what is psychologically enriching in the everyday. To ease comfortably into new surrounds, the Arrival Kit contains short stay-care for the hair and aromatic formulations for the body, ensuring personal upkeep to complement an open mind.

Explore the Arrival Kit
Explore the Arrival Kit
A view through a porthole onto ocean

‘One wants to wander away from the world’s somewheres, into our own nowhere.’

D.H. Lawrence