On the Boards:

Celebrating a fresh season of vital performance

Alice Gosti:
Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture.
Image courtesy of the artist.

It is a pleasure to partner with performing arts theater On the Boards. Located in Seattle, Washington, the community-minded company presents a spectrum of theater, comedy, dance, opera and music from local and international artists of the renowned and emerging.

This season, audiences can expect productions that marry art, activism and dreams with a generous dose of the unconventional. Among the array, we are drawn to those that connect with the company’s guiding tenets: a dedicated balance of artistic risk, creative provocation, racial and social equity, and community engagement.

Jack & Jill – Conceived by Kaneza Schaal and Cornell Alston, this experimental production is based on affecting true stories, charting the re-entry process as previously incarcerated individuals set foot in society.

Burning Doors – Celebrated for its focus upon social justice, taboos and violation of human rights, the underground Belarus Free Theatre is revolutionary in more ways than one. Here, they shine a burning light on persecuted artists declared enemies of the state; featuring the stage debut of Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot.

Dancing in the Making Room – From the renowned Bebe Miller Company, this new piece investigates the unfolding creative process as a dance is made, alongside the parallel influences of the digital age.

Kaneza Schaal + Cornell Alston:

JACK&JILL. Image credit: Christopher Myers